Welcome to Active Ark

Since 2001, teams in our residential children’s homes have been supporting, guiding and caring for vulnerable young people with behaviour and emotional issues. Our residential care for young people is based on the principles of support, guidance, professional intervention and education; giving our looked after children the opportunity to deal with their difficulties, and leave our care as a more positive, confident and empowered individual.

The PACE parenting model is practiced throughout all of our homes; specifically tailored around each young person

PACE parenting model was developed by Dan Hughes – a clinical psychologist who specialises in the treatment of children and young people who have experienced trauma, abuse and neglect.

PACE was developed as a way of thinking, feeling and communicating and behaving to ensure a child ultimately feels SAFE.

PACE allows a child to look at themselves and let others start to see them or get closer emotionally, removing some of the barriers that they have used as protection from the memories of trauma.

PACE allows a child to learn to trust.

Each of our homes provides homely environments which allow children & young people to thrive and grow.  By putting the child at the heart of our care, we aim to provide them with a new sense of purpose, belonging and hope. We recognize the importance of having an adaptive service that meets the need of each unique and individual child and young person we support.  

Children & young people are supported to attend mainstream education, college and employment.  They are also encouraged & supported to develop interests through local friendships and to enjoy the benefits of being included as part of the local community.


  • Active Ark will abide by relevant child care legislation and will at all times adhere to the principles of the Quality Standards and Childrens Home Regulations 2015.
  • The central tenet of the Child Care Ethos is to hold boundaries in a safe and nurtured environment.
  • Active Ark has a policy of open communication; care staff and managers will engage with its young people and their carers with probity, they will listen to their opinions and advise, advocate or mediate as appropriate.
  • Active Ark has a policy of inclusivity; parents and carers of its young people will be treated as the main protagonists within its participation strategy.
  • We have a keep it simple approach to every aspect of the management of the service which enables our care staff and managers to emphasise their efforts upon the care and well-being of our young people.


“Thank you very much for the help you gave to my boys while they were with you. I will not forget your caring and patience and the time you dedicated to helping them and talking to them through their time at Active Ark. I know you have made an impact on their lives for the better”


“I honestly can’t thank you all enough for all the care, support and time that you have invested in ____! The girl that first came into your care was a very troubled and traumatised girl. The young lady that has come back to me is happy, confident, polite and now looks forward to a bright and successful future! ”